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Nov 12, 2020

This week, we were on Simon Time Trivia Show episode 157, check that out if you haven't already. Let us know how your score compares to ours if you play along at home.

In this episode, by popular demand, we blast our brains in rapid-fire succession! We discussed ridiculously long names, short people, fart statistics and some Steve Etchie life hacks that everyone should know.

Sprinkled in the segments, we have some special guests! PFT Media All-Stars Simon and Jenny from the Simon Time Trivia Show, and also Elliot and Stef from the Off Cuts podcast stopped by the studio just so they could tell us how they would use an acre of land for a year if they were given the chance. The best part is that everyone has a unique idea, and we learned a thing or two.

Thanks again for listening and subscribing to our show!

Until next week,