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Dec 11, 2021

Sarah Kinbar is a journalist, she’s been writing for 27 years. Her very first published story was for the Titusville Herald, covering food resources for the homeless and needy. In recent years she has focused her coverage on comedy and hip-hop music.

Oct 22, 2021

We talk about nuts.  The entire time.  Also though, check out Dees Brothers Brewing.  Yes, they serve nuts.

Sep 27, 2021

We talk to one of our favorite comedians, Jared Scott!

Aug 12, 2021

We're starting to do something..... a little different.  I think we slipped out of the smaller chunks of conversation and it just didn't feel like we were truly releasing tidbits of things. We're no frauds!  We will now be releasing one little Tidbit at a time.  This one is a little longer because we're still trying to...

Jul 29, 2021

So many Tidbits! This week in the super exclusive PFT Media Studio, we discussed lots of tidbits, including a pretty substantial announcement! Thank you for supporting our show by subscribing and telling your friends about Tidbits. We talked about dress codes, creepy school administrators, and some shocking fan mail...